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  • • 11:45 AM – 12 Noon

      (15 min before)

    ✅ Networking Before Meeting


    • 12:00 – 12:03 PM

      (3 Minutes)

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


    “On behalf of Business Life GroupS dot com, I am (NAME) and today will be Facilitating the initial portion of the Business Meeting and would like to Welcome You all”


    ✅ “The Business Life Groups Forum began in March of 2006 for Networking and Biblical Encouragement for Business Professionals and Owners”

    ✅ “Over the years many groups of Women and Men have met in various venues”

    ✅ “It is by design Open, Public and Non-Exclusive


    “The purpose of the Business Life Groups Forum is to provide a safe space where business people may gather in public venues to accomplish 3 things:"

    Network to Grow our Businesses

    Discussion to Apply Principles

    Meal Together to Share Life


    “You may find meeting times, bad weather policies and downloadables and other resources at”

    “And if you have not already done so, please take your phones and take a moment to enter the website into your Contacts. Thank You.”


    (NOTE: Choose Two Guidelines Each Week to Share with No Discussion.)

    ❶ To respect your commitments, we endeavor to start and stop on time.

    ❷ We each purpose to create a safe, non-judgmental space where all feel free to participate.

    ❸ Our Policy is come when you can and leave when you must.

    ❹ We encourage you to share your experiences in solving particular business problems

  • • 12:03 to 12:17 PM

       (17 Minutes)


    (NOTE ❌: 30 seconds if the group is over 11 or more people, 60 Seconds if 10 or less)

    “Now we will share our ❌ Second Introductions”

    "Please know that this Referral Group is very interested in learning overtime WHO you are, WHAT You Do, and WHAT is a Good Referral for You because our goal is your success!"

    “As this is a Business Meeting, and you are a Leader, Please Stand and Project your Voice so all can hear as what you are sharing is important to us”

    “I will raise a hand when you have 5 seconds remaining”

    (NOTE: Have someone pre-selected to go first who would stand and is known to do an Intro that is well done and within the Time Limit)


    “So we may make efficient use our time, Please take your Stack of Business Cards and Pass the whole stack to the Person to your Right, the Whole Stack”

    “Don’t Worry, they will come back to you”

    “Please Take a Card if you desire and pass the Stack on or Take 2 to give a Referral this week.”

    (NOTE: Motion with your Hand in a circular direction)

    PICK A 1 TO 1

    (NOTE: After a stack is about halfway around the table)

    “At this time, if you would, please look around the table and identify someone you know the least that you would like to schedule a 1 to 1 meeting after this meeting is over”

    “Also, if it is helpful, on our website, we add wonderful Tools that will greatly help you in your 1 to 1 Meetings and in developing Prospect Relationships”


    (NOTE: Skip this section if need the time)

    “Are there any Business Events coming up in your near future that you would like to Invite the group?

    “Your grand opening perhaps, local business expos, a seminar that you are conducting or perhaps a service project that you are directly participating in?”

  • • 12:17 to 12:19 PM

       (3 Minutes)


    “This concludes Part One of the Meeting."

    "During Part 2, may we let these basic guidelines help us have a rich experience together.”

    ✅ Let’s be patient and Let God be the authority thru His Word.

    ✅ Not a place to preach, dominate, opinionate, bloviate or tell others how to live so let’s avoid “must”, “ought” and “should”

    ✅ When sharing, share ”Your Personal” experience, insight, or struggle in the 1ST PERSON.

    ✅ ‘Listening is Love’ so let’s be courteous allowing others to share their even vulnerable moments without interruption, commentary or correction as God is touching someone with his word.

    (NOTE: Skip this next phrase if only one Facilitator is handling both Part 1 and 2 of the meeting)

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    We now turn Part Two over to our Next Facilitator and Storyteller (NAME)”

    • 12:19 to 12:50 PM

       (30 Minutes)

      ✅ Open with Prayer

      ✅ Story, Discovery, Discussion

    • 12:50 – 12:59 PM

       (9 Minutes)

    ✅ Spiritual Applications

          (Two or more)

    • 12:59 - 1:00 PM

       (1 Minute)

    “The Storytelling process is called SimplyTheStory and is now in over 119 countries in a few short years.

    If you are curious about BLG Facilitator Apprenticeships, Please visit the website for information or ask the Facilitator after the meeting.”

    “Thank You for participating today. We will now close in prayer.”

    • 1:00 PM


    “Please continue Networking and schedule your 1 to 1s."

    "May you have a productive week.”

    Meeting Officially Ends